Smoked sausages and black pudding, smoked and perfumed meats crackle on the juniper of the hill that burns slowly.









The legendary flavours of the Beira charcuterie were created in the developed throughout generations knowledge "Secrets" that we keep and bring with particular care to every

delicacy we produce.

Cured Ham

Thin Smoked Flour Sausage (grill)

"Mouro" Smoked Sausage

Ring Smoked Sausage

Spicy Smoked Sausage

Large Paprika Smoked Sausage

Paprika Smoked Sausage

Wine Smoked Sausage

“Beiras” Smoked Lean Meat Sausage

“Beiras” Smoked Sausage

Flour Smoked Sausage

Sweet Smoked Black Pudding

Deboned Smoked Pork Head

Smoked Black Pudding

Smoked Collar Sausage

Smoked Pork Loin

Thin Paprika Smoked Sausage

Thin Smoked Black Pudding (grill)

 "Alheira" Sausage

“Crioula” Spiced Sausage

“Crioula” Sausage

Fresh Sausage

Cooked Ham Extra

Cooked Shoulder Ham (Bar)