Smoked sausages and black pudding, smoked and perfumed meats crackle on the juniper of the hill that burns slowly.

The legendary flavours of the Beira charcuterie were created in the developed throughout generations knowledge

"Secrets" that we keep and bring with particular care to every

delicacy we produce.



A delicacy built with a myriad of cooked vegetables, meats and sausages. Various sprouts and potatoes, carrots and turnips. The meats are the chicken, the pork of which are used spare ribs, belly, ears and shank, and the bovine adds the shank. In the sausages, are typical the black pudding, the ring smoked sausage and the flour smoked sausage. Slowly cooked for as long as is necessary to respect the flavours of each element. To complete a table and overcome the hardships of winter.